Perfectly Imperfect – Elle Varner

I have been a fan of Elle Varner for a long time, I have been following her project and I am happy to see her dreams come true finally. I remember when I first listened to a song by her called Welcome Home and then So Fly I liked her instantly her vocals were/are as raw and natural as the come and no studio gimmicks and stuff like that. She released a couple of new materials including a mixtape (Conversational Lush) and got verified on twitter and premiered videos on BET I was watching it all unfold. Anyway I have been waiting for her album for as long as I remember and finally Perfectly Imperfect her debut album is here. The album has 11 good R&B songs, she brought the real R&B game back in this album. Though I had technically heard almost half of this album due to the fact that I am a fan but for other people it will be very fresh sound heck it is fresh to me.

So if you love some good R&B music this one here won’t disappoint you.


  • Not Tonight
  • Welcome Home
  • Oh What a Night
  • Stop the Clock
  • Only Give It To You
  • Sound Proof Room

I can’t stop listening to Not Tonight! Enjoy the album.