Album Review: All Things Possible – Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz has been in the Christian contemporary music scene since 2000, he is a Dove award-winning platinum recording artist. Mark has released seven studio albums including Scars and Stories (2003), Broken and Beautiful (2006) and the just released All Things Possible (2012).

I first heard of Mark Schultz in 2004 when my cousin sent me his song called Letters From War which was one of the best songs I heard that entire year, with that song Schultz won himself a fan. So I have basically seen him grown as an artist and songwriter.

All Things Possible his latest effort is yet another amazing album by the singer, this album will have people talking about him once again. It is indeed a huge improvement from his last album. His voice has changed a bit from the days of Scars and Stories but it is a new Mark and a new sound on this album.
The album title track All Things Possible kicks off the album, the rock song has some sweet harmonisation and we hear Mark sing and encourage us that even when our hearts are breaking we should hold on knowing that we have a God who is strong, mighty and able, he makes all things possible.
One Day is a song about hope and waiting on the Lord, who will take away our sorrows, pains, wounds cos “One Day” we will be whole again and God will wipe away our tears. The arrangement of this song reminds me of  a few tunes from famous band Coldplay, it’s a lovely song. It Is Well is a song about having confidence is God and knowing that no matter what one is going through that it is well, its is just another pop/rock song quite cliché but that can be easily forgiven due to the lyrics and Mr Schultz near-perfect vocals. Mark tells us that he gave up all the worldly things and his focus is on heaven in I Gave Up, it is one of the non conventional songs on the album, it actually has some of the vibes of 90s pop music, and another element to this song is the trumpets playing of  “When The Saint Are Marching On” at the end of the song as well the mass chorus too.

Haven’t Met You Yet shows Mark as a proud sensitive father, singing a little bit about his Wife and about  His un-born child who he hasn’t met yet and already dreaming about, he even pictures the kid’s wedding day by the bridge of the song. His song writing skills comes into play in this song, undeniably great songwriting here.
What Do You Give A King is song asking a rhetorical question, what can we give our God? What do you give someone who gave His life for you? We are so small and little before him, we have nothing we are no bodies but He gave everything to us. So now the question how to do repay such gesture? It is an interesting and beautifully written song.
I Will Love You Still is my favorite song on the album, it is a lovely ballad. Mark samples the best vocals on the album in this piano and violin laced song. It is definitely the highlight of All Things Possible and to top it all it is talks about unconditional love, love that doesn’t judge flaws, love that doesn’t fade no matter what.

More To You Than This is a soulful song telling a story of a Girl who conforms to the ways of the world only to be broken, Marks sings “There is more to you than the lies you believe…”. It is such a delicate subject that teenagers and even adults need to know and needs to be addressed a lot more. The song is the next single by the from the album and should do well on the charts and on radio. Love Walked In deals with the restoration of marriages and bad relationships by inviting Christ right into the middle of it. A great song for couples going through a tough time and all.  Be Still may appear to be one of the disappointing song on the album because putting the song alongside the rest of the songs on this album only makes it appear inferior and weak compared to the others. Good thing it closes the album and can be easily forgotten.

All Things Possible is such a creative album for Mark Schultz, a lot of experimenting on the album which really did work for him. The song writing and storytelling on the album is just superb. The album is Schultz’s debut release from his new label home, Fair Trade Services and Mark stayed true to his storytelling and powerful vocals.
Mark Schultz is one of the most underrated artist in CCM industry, this album is such a good one and I hope it doesn’t get overlooked by critics, award committees and the world.
All Things Possible is out now Get it on iTunes.

Best Songs

All Things Possible

I Will Love You Still

What Do You Give A King

I Gave Up

It Is Well

One Day

More To You Than This