This week another interesting album was also released this time by the two-time dove award winners TENTH AVENUE NORTH. The band released their third studio album called The Struggle. The album has been in the making since 2011 after their 2010 album “Light Meets the Dark” which charted at #1 on Billboard US Christian albums. So living up to this successful album was something I considered when I heard they band was kind of having this thing that fans got a chance to come and sing and become part of the album creation. Fast forward to the present day THE STRUGGLE is released and during the listening party on their site I was impressed and blown away at the artistic growth of this band and how so much has changed from their lyrical content, to vocal game and production at the same time staying true to their style.

The Struggle has 12 tracks that really fits the title “The Struggle”. I mean all the songs fit to the theme of the album as explained by Mike Donehey the lead vocalist “ In a world that’s still trembling in the wake of the fall, our hearts are desperate for hope. They’re hungry for freedom, they’re longing for redemption. And here’s the good news In Christ, we have all three….”.

The album kicks off with Shadow a nice rock song, followed by the album title track The Struggle which basically lets you in on what the album theme is about; imperfect us struggling about so many things but we know that we have hope of freedom and redemption in the Lord. Worn is one of the most beautiful songs on the album, it is heartfelt and sang with great passion. It is a cry to the Lord to restore and fix the broken and worn out, the piano chords of this song is really special. Losing the track that follows and the first single of the album is about forgiveness of people who offend us and step on our toes. This songs the band got fans to take part in and the bridge and the chorus which follows it is what makes it really outstanding. “They all chorus in singing “Father give me grace t forgive them cos i feel like the one losing”  Another song to look out on the album is Grace another nicely rendered song. The formula of getting fans to sing on the album worked perfectly i say and for sure their fan base will increase with this album.

All in all the band didn’t disappoint in this album, they have proved that they are here to stay and help spread the word of God. It is a good christian pop/rock album and I cant wait to see who wins it to the top of the chart this week.









Sorry can I just add up all the songs on the album here?

Happy Listening.