Enjoying The Simple Things

One of the life lessons I have learned and I keep getting reminded is that whatever you are going through could have been worse. One has to just be thankful and love life the way it is. You don’t have to be the richest man on the planet to smile, you don’t have to drive a Range Rover to laugh, you don’t have to be famous and stinking rich to live a fulfilled life and whoever told you that the rich and famous don’t have problems of their own that could shock you?.  Take life as it comes and enjoy it, 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18 tells us to be joyful always and pray continually and at the same time give thanks in ALL circumstances. It didn’t say some circumstances or in favorable circumstances but in ALL circumstances.


I recently did a lot of running around to meet up a deadline and I found myself sitting in a BRT BUS and I just sat there looking at the different faces and people around me and then I smiled.  And as if the man sitting next to me could read my mind he said to me “Happiness is a choice you know” and I looked at him and was amazed at how random what he said was and through out the entire traffic filled ride I made a new friend. Boarding that BRT bus at that time and that day made me learn a few valuable life lesson/s (we had an in dept conversation) and I thought to myself what if I had my car or used a bike would I have known about some of the things this gentleman shared with me? If yes, how long from that particular date would I have gotten this inspiring information? I may never know but my point is that I did learn something because of the situation I found myself and because I smiled and appeared friendly enough for the man to chat me up. There is always a blessing and lesson in every situation you find yourself,  there are a number of good scenarios to the flip side of what you are going through but apparently it is just in human nature to always dwell on the negativity of things.

We really have to learn/re-learn how to appreciate the simple things in life and appreciate the life and things God has blessed us with, always thanking God while remembering your situation could have been worse. I for one have come to love all the simple things in my life and I don’t joke with them, the may not be much to another person but to me it keeps me going. Sometimes I just bask in the beauty if certain things, a lot of people mostly Nigerians deny themselves those beautiful moments in life or maybe take it for granted but I don’t. Some debate that no one has time to watch the water waves, sun set, a butterfly etc while some think it is not “manly”. Well I used to somewhat belong to that school of thought but God is amazing at how much he has changed in me, the extent to which my mind has been renewed.  For example I saw about 100 Muslims praying, their foreheads on the floor, nice mats, barefooted and I actually saw the beauty in it and in that moment, something  that on a normal day I would have just worked passed without thinking or looking twice. I actually eat food and take time and enjoy the taste of food. I see God’s greatness in everything around me nowadays and I love it. I may not feel it ALL THE TIME but at least I am blessed and glad that I feel and enjoy the beauty of God all around and i pray that God opens you up and gives you all grace to enjoy the simple things and see the beauty of his creations all around you.



3 thoughts on “Enjoying The Simple Things

  1. tobystic says:

    I love every single bit of this post. I met someone a plane that lat became a girlfriend. I met someone, a banker at the swimming pool, 2 weeks later, I was helping him out with developing solutions to drive clients with issues on low return on ROI, I helped out a friend on twitter on his Java codes, I have get-a-burger coupon anytime at Tantalizers cos his Mum owns the place. Life is short. Make a new story of every situation

    • micernest says:

      That’s great, like I tell my friends there are still good hearted people in the world (he strongly feels everyone in the world is corrupt lol).
      “Make a story of every situation) I like that!
      Kind Regards,
      Michael Ernest.

  2. tobystic says:

    I met someone on a plane that later*

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