I was having a conversation the other day about how smart some kids are and how i would love my unborn children to be extremely smart. Today I read about this 11 year old boy ordained minister followed by comments and criticisms that he is too young to be a minister and to be preaching on the pulpit. It made me wonder… what is wrong with becoming a minister at the age of 11? Kids today are exposed to sex, pornographic materials, violence, and all sorts of things at a very tender age sometimes younger than 11. Kids today indulge in sinful activities so why the heck cant a kid do God’s will, why cant a kid preach the gospel? Aside from kids being involved in sins there are also super smart kids out there changing the world in special ways. The late Michael Jackson started at a very tender age, Stevie Wonder and a host of others. Today we have the Smith kids already doing it big in the entertainment scene. So I don’t see any reason why a young child can’t chase after God and do his will. So i want to introduce you to some of these super amazingly smart kids, taking it to the next level.


11-year-old Ezekiel Stoddard recently made headlines after he was ordained a minister at the Fullness of Time Church in Maryland.

Ezekiel Stoddard, an 11-year-old ordained minister who has apparently been writing his own sermons since he was seven. ”It doesn’t matter the age that you can be licensed. It just matters … how much word do you have and how much God has called you,” the enthusiastic child of God told the Washington Post. Still, he admits sometimes adults don’t take him seriously and “look at me like I’m a joke and I need to sit down.”

Ezekiel Stoddard 550x365 11 Year Old Boy Leads Church as an Ordained Minister

Photo: Washington Post video caption


Teen polyglot Timothy Doner has more languages under his belt than he does years. At 16 years old, Timothy has taught himself 23 different languages and counting during his summer vacations.


The world’s youngest app developer, 12-year-old Thomas Suarez, has already given a TED talk about his work and been honored with a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award. Among other apps, Suarez created “Bustin Jieber,” a whack-a-mole style game that allows users to bonk Bieber’s head with a mallett. (i like this kid lol)


When 9-Year Old Kieron Williamson’s paintings were put up for sale in Norfolk, England, they were sold out in just 10 minutes. While artists more than twice his age struggle to find buyers for even a single piece of art, Kieron’s story is one that could spark envy in the most established of painters.  His first sale was in the summer of 2009, when he sold 19 pictures for £14,000 ($22,000). The latest sale of his paintings have earned him £ 100,000 ($157,000).

Kieron Williamson 550x309 Kieron Williamson – The 9 Year Old Monet

Photo by BBC

Kieron Williamson has developed his own unique style of painting. The use of colors, the definition, and perspective in his art work evoke a sense of the ethereal. The 9-year old says that his hero is Norfolk landscape artist Edward Seago, who died in 1974. The late Queen Mother was an avid fan, and Royal patronage is something Kieron hopes to achieve too. He has sent his paintings to both the Queen and also to Prince Charles. While Kieron is being hailed as a brilliant artist and child prodigy around the world, his parents insist that he is still an ordinary boy who enjoys playing football and getting dirty in the mud. The world begs to differ, however, and he is currently being filmed by French, Danish and TV crews.

Kieron Williamson2 550x411 Kieron Williamson – The 9 Year Old Monet

Taylor Wilson

At just 17 years old, physicist Taylor Wilson is already teaching graduate-level courses in physics and has built a functioning nuclear reactor.
Wilson told CBS News: “When I hold something that’s radioactive, it’s kind of an indescribable feeling. It’s kind of like when I’m with my girlfriend.”

Moshe Kai Cavalin

At just 14, Moshe Kai Cavalin has three college degrees and a book published in two languages. His book, We Can Do, is a 100-page guideline for other young people to follow in Cavalin’s highly successful footsteps. Beginning college at age eight, he has two Associate of Arts degrees from East Los Angeles Community College and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from UCLA.

Leonel Angel Coira

Forget kiddie soccer matches — seven-year-oldLeonel Angel Coira signed with soccer team Real Madrid’s youth academy. He has a one-year contract with the club’s youngest team.
“[My] dream is to meet Messi, play in the first division with Madrid and for Argentina in the World Cup,” Coira told a Spanish newspaper.

Aelita Andre

Most five-year-olds finger-paint. Aelita Andre is about to have her second solo show as “the youngest professional painter in the world” at New York’s Agora Gallery — her first showing raked in up to $30,000 per painting. Andre is the daughter of two painters; at nine months old, she crawled onto her parents’ canvasses and began to paint.


15-year-old Kuha’o has been blind since infancy, but he hasn’t let his loss of vision deter him from his dreams. He is able to play any song on the piano after listening to it only once. In just two days, his instrumental version of the dubstep song “Cracks” by Freestylers racked up more than 60,000 views.

Akrit Jaswal

19-year-old medical genius Akrit Jaswalperformed surgery for the first time at age seven. Today, he is working on a master’s degree in applied chemistry. With an IQ of 146 at 13 years old, he is considered the smartest person in his native India, home to more than 1 billion people.

Ethan W.

Six-year-old Ethan, who is on the autism spectrum, has an extraordinary talent for music. At just four, he began playing The Beatles’ “I Will” by ear. Now, his cover of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”has gone viral, boasting more than 1.2 million views.

Jake Barnett

Math prodigy Jake Barnett, 13, claims that he permanently remembers every math problem or number he ever hears. The autistic math whiz has been taking college-level math courses since he was eight years old, ans says that he is proud of his autism.

Chiman Prakash Reddy

At just 16 years old and without any formal education, Chiman Prakash Reddy invented a tablet PC called AVE with feature that rival the top models on the market

Vishwadeep Babasaheb Magadum

At just four years old, Vishwadeep Babasaheb Magadum can easily identify more than a hundred different types of medicinal plants. He delivers demos at colleges and regularly stuns audiences. His father, a nature lover, encouraged the boy’s studies.


After passing the Microsoft Certified Professional test, when she was just eight years old, young M. Lavinashree has now become the world’s youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer. She is the world’s younger computer wiz.

M. Lavinashree was born in rural Tamilnadu, India, but her parents noticed her incredible mind, when she was just a baby. At just 1 and a half, her mother taught her the English alphabet by playing with colored letters. She would dictate the alphabet letters and Lavinashree pointed at them accurately. Then she began learning national symbols, songs, Indian personalities, shapes, fruits, and many other things. When her older sister started studying Thirukural (a Tamil poem written by a sage, over 2,000 years ago), Lavinashree begged her mother to teach her the kurals, and at the tender age of three, she won her place in the Limca Book of Records (Indian equivalent to the Guinness Book of Records) for her photographic memory. She managed to recite 1,330 couplets of Thirukural.



  1. Gosh! I feel like a block head, are these kids real? Truly amazing.

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