GET INSPIRED : Six Insipring Songs Of The Moment

Welcome to my very first music-related post, this will be the first of many. So today I will be introducing or re-introducing six songs I recently discovered that for the moment inspire me a lot or stir up something in my soul. Some of these songs are relatively old, I guess I have been living under a rock but still there are a blessing to me right now.



My Own Little Word – Matthew West

Its the song that made me get Matthew West’s album ( I just discovered him), it is the most incredible written song in the album in my opinion. I reckon you also get the album called The Story Of Your Life, apparently it is from 2010 but is is amazing. Before he wrote and record the album he asked his fans to send him letters about their life, joy, struggles and he got 10.000, he rented a cabin and read all the letter and then from the letters he wrote the album and it birthed this beautiful arrangement of songs about  pain, confusion, depression which God can take away due to his love, grace and mercy. Album preaches a message of hope and God’s power in the midst of everything. Okay here I am reviewing the album lol. REnjoy the song.



Clear the Stage – Jimmy Needham

I started writing a post that will come on this blog when I FINALLY finish, it is based on our love for things or people and how we put them before God thus making them our idols. So Clear the Stage talks about the same thing. My friend asked me to go listen to this song and she told me that she took three hours to listen to 4mins that the greatness of the song was too much to take it in all at once and I understood what she meant being a music lover. It is indeed a beautiful song even though I didn’t experience the same feeling she did, love the song nonetheless.



Our Sovereign God – Aaron Keyes

Okay this song right here sends me straight to tears (well not cry like cry but teary eyes), only gospel songs have the power to do that. It is a perfect worship song and I LOVE this song, the lyrics are great and the instrumentation and arrangement is perfect and above all it connects me with God once the first line rolls in no matter where I am it’s like I immediately get into the spirit.



The Well – Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is one of my favourite christain bands and I loved their last album and when I thought it couldn’t get any better they came out with Come To The Well which is an amazing album, The Well happens to be a song on the album. We know the story of Jesus at the well and what he said that we should drink from his living water so we will never thirst no more. No matter the kind of thirst leave it all behind and come to the well. The song reminds us of the message and significance of leaving it all behind and going to the well (Jesus). Other noteable songs from the album are Jesus, Friend of Sinners and City on the Hill.



I Wont Go Back – William McDowell

William is one of those worship leaders I love and admire and I was just coming out of an old bad habit I have been fighting for a long time and then I heard I Wont Go Back and it broke my heart, it was as if God sent me the song at that particular moment saying Michael you cant go back to your past life. Song says ‘I wont go back I cant go back to the way it used to be before your presence came and changed me… all my sins have been forgiven no more chains….my past is over”. It is a song about freedom from sin, bondage and bad habits. Every now and then when the temptation crawls in I will say out 1 Cor 10:13  and play this song.



Where I Belong – Building 429

This song is a reminder that we are not of this world, and that our home is in heaven and with Jesus. Nice tune love the part that say “take this world and give me Jesus cos this is not where i belong”.

I hope you enjoyed my list and yes these songs mean a lot to me. Please do share songs that are inspiring you too.


4 thoughts on “GET INSPIRED : Six Insipring Songs Of The Moment

  1. Will mosdef. Listen to these songs,have been searching for other good gospel songs that weren’t from the usual Donnie McClurkin, Don Moen, Michael Smith and co. Niceeeeeeeee☺

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