The Day Pigs Flew

Well i will be damned….

I never thought i would see this day the day that i would actually set up a blog and start blogging, people kept telling me “Michael how come you do not have a blog?”. My answer was always i don’t jump on bandwagons, i don’t do something or like something just because every one is doing it or loves it and i guess that is what makes me different and weird in a good way. I rebelled for three good years and i am pretty much on almost all the social media platforms from Twitter, Facebook and tumblr (nope i still don’t consider tumblr a blog) but a blog? No. I was pretty much against myself starting a blog just to get attention or just for the sake that everyone else was doing it. Another reason I never really had a blog was the fear of commitment, you know that kind of fear two people who are living together have towards marriage? Just the thought of marriage itself scares them and they are just comfortable living together…. Well maybe not for the Woman but in most cases for the Man. That strong fear of commitment.
Somewhere along the line i have either convinced myself that i am not conforming to popular culture, decided to deal with my commitment issues or i have finally found a genuine enough reason to start a blog. I really do believe it is the latter but either way today someone somewhere saw a pig fly.


One thought on “The Day Pigs Flew

  1. author jones says:

    љђжђжζßζß scratches here first 🙂 Now U just ate a huge frog!

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