Tattoos: Sinful? My Two Cents On Tattoos And The Bible


So here I am again about to talk (write) about tattoos, I wish this will be the very last time I will be addressing this issue (but if only wishes were horses right?).

Tattoo is one of those things that brings about so much debate when it comes to religion and what the bible says about it. If you have a tattoo you will know the number of times someone gave you a side-eye or frowned at you because of it, talk less of the people who will out rightly tell you that you will end up in hell for marking your body and you get even judged by people living deeply in sins of their own I mean sins that the bible  has warned us again again and again about (yes you guessed right I am talking about sexual immorality).  I am not here to talk about sins and mankind today but in due time I believe I will because one thing is for sure I will not shy away from anything I feel is the truth in this blog even if I am also guilty of it.

I have three tattoos on my body which I will talk about in another blog post and the stories behind each of them too. You will not believe the number of times I have debated this tattoo case both online and in real life and it gets really funny when people can’t actually pinpoint or back up what “the bible says”. So I have decided to break them down one after the other.

First and foremost I want to establish that the laws from the old testament are referred to as the “Old Laws” and the teachings of the new testament the “New Laws”. The old laws were handed down to the people so that the will shun pagan practices and seek the one and only true God and live in accordance to what was right at the time in preparation for Jesus to come.

(Deu 7:6)  For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

The old laws are outlined in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The children of God really did pick up a lot of false religion and practices from the land of slavery so the had to be this strict laws to set them straight in the ways of God. Now the question is why the “New Laws” I will like to make an earthly example about the laws that were set by man though God is no man just trying to make a point. Remember when the blacks were not allowed to vote? When women didn’t have equal rights? And the were laws that allowed and permitted this but these laws were later amended and changed. Yes the old laws of the bible were incomplete I wont use the word flawed but incomplete.

  • The old laws allows war and retaliation
  • The old laws allows discrimination
  • The old laws doesn’t forgive sins(since only the love of God can do that)
  • The old laws suggests that acting according to the law and written code are the only criteria for peace and eternal life (but grace based on faith is what we need for eternal life as Jesus stated).
  • The old laws relies on fear of punishment rather that the love of God. Continue reading


I was having a conversation the other day about how smart some kids are and how i would love my unborn children to be extremely smart. Today I read about this 11 year old boy ordained minister followed by comments and criticisms that he is too young to be a minister and to be preaching on the pulpit. It made me wonder… what is wrong with becoming a minister at the age of 11? Kids today are exposed to sex, pornographic materials, violence, and all sorts of things at a very tender age sometimes younger than 11. Kids today indulge in sinful activities so why the heck cant a kid do God’s will, why cant a kid preach the gospel? Aside from kids being involved in sins there are also super smart kids out there changing the world in special ways. The late Michael Jackson started at a very tender age, Stevie Wonder and a host of others. Today we have the Smith kids already doing it big in the entertainment scene. So I don’t see any reason why a young child can’t chase after God and do his will. So i want to introduce you to some of these super amazingly smart kids, taking it to the next level. Continue reading

GET INSPIRED : Six Insipring Songs Of The Moment

Welcome to my very first music-related post, this will be the first of many. So today I will be introducing or re-introducing six songs I recently discovered that for the moment inspire me a lot or stir up something in my soul. Some of these songs are relatively old, I guess I have been living under a rock but still there are a blessing to me right now.



My Own Little Word – Matthew West

Its the song that made me get Matthew West’s album ( I just discovered him), it is the most incredible written song in the album in my opinion. I reckon you also get the album called The Story Of Your Life, apparently it is from 2010 but is is amazing. Before he wrote and record the album he asked his fans to send him letters about their life, joy, struggles and he got 10.000, he rented a cabin and read all the letter and then from the letters he wrote the album and it birthed this beautiful arrangement of songs about  pain, confusion, depression which God can take away due to his love, grace and mercy. Album preaches a message of hope and God’s power in the midst of everything. Okay here I am reviewing the album lol. REnjoy the song.



Clear the Stage – Jimmy Needham

I started writing a post that will come on this blog when I FINALLY finish, it is based on our love for things or people and how we put them before God thus making them our idols. So Clear the Stage talks about the same thing. My friend asked me to go listen to this song and she told me that she took three hours to listen to 4mins that the greatness of the song was too much to take it in all at once and I understood what she meant being a music lover. It is indeed a beautiful song even though I didn’t experience the same feeling she did, love the song nonetheless.



Our Sovereign God – Aaron Keyes

Okay this song right here sends me straight to tears (well not cry like cry but teary eyes), only gospel songs have the power to do that. It is a perfect worship song and I LOVE this song, the lyrics are great and the instrumentation and arrangement is perfect and above all it connects me with God once the first line rolls in no matter where I am it’s like I immediately get into the spirit.



The Well – Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is one of my favourite christain bands and I loved their last album and when I thought it couldn’t get any better they came out with Come To The Well which is an amazing album, The Well happens to be a song on the album. We know the story of Jesus at the well and what he said that we should drink from his living water so we will never thirst no more. No matter the kind of thirst leave it all behind and come to the well. The song reminds us of the message and significance of leaving it all behind and going to the well (Jesus). Other noteable songs from the album are Jesus, Friend of Sinners and City on the Hill.



I Wont Go Back – William McDowell

William is one of those worship leaders I love and admire and I was just coming out of an old bad habit I have been fighting for a long time and then I heard I Wont Go Back and it broke my heart, it was as if God sent me the song at that particular moment saying Michael you cant go back to your past life. Song says ‘I wont go back I cant go back to the way it used to be before your presence came and changed me… all my sins have been forgiven no more chains….my past is over”. It is a song about freedom from sin, bondage and bad habits. Every now and then when the temptation crawls in I will say out 1 Cor 10:13  and play this song.



Where I Belong – Building 429

This song is a reminder that we are not of this world, and that our home is in heaven and with Jesus. Nice tune love the part that say “take this world and give me Jesus cos this is not where i belong”.

I hope you enjoyed my list and yes these songs mean a lot to me. Please do share songs that are inspiring you too.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tunisian Man Beheaded For Converting To Christianity

A  very graphic video of a Christian man being beheaded by Muslim extremists for converting from Islam to Christianity recently  surfaced online and i got to see this brutality this morning. Footage of the incident, which reportedly took place in Tunisia, shows a young man being held down like “an animal” with a knife to his throat. The video—be warned, it is immensely graphic  (the actual execution appears from minute 1:13). For those who prefer not to view it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it and i did throw up a little in my mouth, this is so sad.

  • beheading in tunisia

Video footage of the incident shows a young man being held down by masked men. His neck is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. One of the masked men, who was not in the camera’s view, chants a number of Muslim prayers in Arabic, mostly condemning Christianity.

The man holding the knife begins to cut to the cries of “Allahu Akbar!” (or “God is great!”), as the victim appears to be mouthing a prayer. The slicing takes about two minutes before the beheading is complete–upon which they shouted more Islamic cries and slogans of victory.


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Why Does God Allow Suffering And Tragedy?

So i promised my twitter followers yesterday that i will share this amazing message here on the blog for people to see, i hope this message gives you some form of understanding, closure and peace as it gave me.

so here goes:

It was the worst mass shooting in American history – 70 people shot by a gunman, 12 of them killed, while they were watching the midnight showing of a new movie just 21 miles from where we’re sitting. There are no words to describe the anguish being felt by those who are suffering today; our heart and prayers have – and will – go out to them. There are so many tragic stories, so much pain. And many people are asking the question, “Why? Why did God allow this?”

This has been a heart-rending summer for Colorado. First came the wildfires, which ravaged the houses of hundreds of our neighbors – and prompted many of them to ask the question, “Why?”
And those two tragic events are on top of the everyday pain and suffering being experienced in individual lives – maybe including yours. There’s illness, abuse, broken relationships, betrayal, sorrow, injuries, disappointment, heartache, crime and death. And perhaps you’ve been asking the question, “Why? Why me? Why now?”
That “why” question goes back thousands of years. It was asked in the Old Testament by Job and the writers of the Psalms, and it was especially relevant during the 20th century, where we witnessed two World Wars, the Holocaust, genocides in the Soviet Union and China, devastating famines in Africa, the killing fields of Cambodia, the emergence of AIDS, the genocide in Rwanda and the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. And the 21st Century didn’t start any better. There was 9/11 and now the Syrian slaughters, and on and on. Why all of this if there’s a loving and powerful God? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Several years ago, I commissioned a national survey and asked people what question they’d ask if they could only ask God one thing. The Number One response was: “Why is there suffering in the world?” Incidentally, I did find an interesting statistical quirk – people who are married were much more likely to want to know why there’s so much suffering. I’m just sayin’.
But if you’ve never asked why our world is infected with pain and suffering, you will when they strike you with full force or they come to a loved one. And Jesus said they are coming. Unlike some other religious leaders who wrote off pain and suffering as just being illusions, Jesus was honest. He told us the truth. He said in John 16:33, “You will have suffering in this world.” He didn’t say you might – he said it is going to happen.

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Anybody who knows me personally knows that I LOVE music but recently I have found myself rather intrigued and interested in arts, paintings and sculpture. Yesterday I saw this amazing video of graffiti paintings to the lyrics of a song at different locations.
So I decided to make my second post about this new-found love of mine.
What really intrigues me when it comes to art is the randomness of some pieces… yes there are some art form I find rather regular, boring and normal. It is however the “weird” stuff or the extraordinary stuff that really gets my attention.
Without further words feed you eyes with these mind-blowing artwork, optical illusions at it’s best from South Korea.









The Day Pigs Flew

Well i will be damned….

I never thought i would see this day the day that i would actually set up a blog and start blogging, people kept telling me “Michael how come you do not have a blog?”. My answer was always i don’t jump on bandwagons, i don’t do something or like something just because every one is doing it or loves it and i guess that is what makes me different and weird in a good way. I rebelled for three good years and i am pretty much on almost all the social media platforms from Twitter, Facebook and tumblr (nope i still don’t consider tumblr a blog) but a blog? No. I was pretty much against myself starting a blog just to get attention or just for the sake that everyone else was doing it. Another reason I never really had a blog was the fear of commitment, you know that kind of fear two people who are living together have towards marriage? Just the thought of marriage itself scares them and they are just comfortable living together…. Well maybe not for the Woman but in most cases for the Man. That strong fear of commitment.
Somewhere along the line i have either convinced myself that i am not conforming to popular culture, decided to deal with my commitment issues or i have finally found a genuine enough reason to start a blog. I really do believe it is the latter but either way today someone somewhere saw a pig fly.